Smart Plant Grower

It is used to grow plants for children's education in kindergartens and daycare centers, and households also grow their own crops with this planter and put them on the table for meals. Most kindergartens and daycare centers grow plants outdoors or on rooftops, but on the other hand, it is not easy to grow crops at home when considering the living environment of a typical home. It requires a large amount of soil and a large space. Also, insects that live in the soil may come out .
To compensate for this problem, crops can be grown by putting seeds in each round tube with a hydroponic cultivation type plant grower, and LED is used at the top to provide the light necessary for plant growth that may be insufficient indoors. Depending on the given environment, it is a product that can be customized so that it can be installed by dividing large and small product groups into one type of development product.





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