Industrial RFID Gun

Since it is equipped with a tag, it is used in places such as grocery stores and warehouses where inventory needs to be identified, so the handle is designed for good grip and interlocks the product with the smartphone mounted on the top. The holder can be adjusted according to the size of the smartphone, and immediate feedback is provided via the screen. By designing the bottom surface horizontally, it is possible to store it upright when not in use, preventing damage to the product.

An industrial RFID tech case has the advantage of being able to view the technical content in real-time by connecting a mobile phone to the top. Also, when the mobile phone is not in use, the bracket can be removed, making it easy to store. It is a product that can be used without a mobile phone, and its details are updated when connected to a mobile phone later. This design is an easy-to-grip gun type, and convenience for the user is considered.





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