Smart wireless stethoscope

A smart wireless stethoscope is a product developed so that doctors can examine patients in this non-face-to-face era. Even in case of emergency, it has the advantage of being able to auscultate quickly through wireless earphones. In addition, since it is small in size, it was developed so that it does not strain the hand during long-term examinations. Smart wireless stethoscopes have the function of making sounds more clear by amplifying heart or lung sounds.
The smart wireless stethoscope is designed for medical purposes such as hospitals and emergency rooms and must be able to be used in adverse conditions, so the sealing structure is built inside to make the waterproof function suitable, and assembly between products is minimized. This product is IP66 rated and has dustproof and waterproof functions. Also, since wireless charging is supported, it automatically charges when the product is placed in the case.





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